Hello there, welcome on my website !

I love to do game audio design, it allows me to explore ways to think about sound, music and storytelling in interactive medias.

Through my studies at Cnam-Enjmin (France), I learned the art and techniques related to interactive audio and game engines. This, and the determination I have to learn new stuff, allows me to create really diversified interactive soundscapes for every project I’m working on !

I particularly love to develop audio systems in Wwise allowing me to implement the sound the way I want in any game engine. And to work on the game engine itself as is a constant flow of new challenges to face… to accomplish them is really rewarding.

Hope you’ll enjoy projects you’ll hear and see here, most of them are original game concepts I worked on with a full dev team (from 5 to 12 people) while I was in Cnam-Enjmin.