Rustle : Laval Virtual 2022

Here is a video made by MetaVRse about indie games that were presented at the 2022 edition of Laval Virtual. This is the biggest European show for AR/VR medias and related technologies. You can find more about it on their website : Laval Virtual

It happens at Laval in France and one of the project I’ve been working on as a student in video game development at Enjmin, Rustle, was presented among other VR games. The video is in french but english subtitles are available. It’s mostly talking about the different ways VR media can convey narration and how they help to develop new forms of interactive storytelling.

A bit more about Rustle :

On a camping night with your friend Diane, you’re celebrating the end of high school by roasting marshmallows, playing the guitar, and discussing your past and future. But the anxiety induced by your incoming adult life materializes in the nocturnal woods. Strange sounds are disturbing your conversation, and you’ll have to identify them before you can calm down and have a peaceful night.

It’s an ambient, seated VR game with binaural sound, full voice acting (in French), and a cel-shading visual style. It is a ten minutes interactive experience, partly scripted, partly sandbox, with two different endings. You will find yourself surrounded by large conifers, sitting in your sleeping bag, and listening to your friend Diane’s stories. A few objects are at hand to interact with your environment and its mysteries: a flashlight, a radio, a guitar, some sticks, and a bag of marshmallows!